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Japanese / English 

English / 한국어 / 简体中文 / 繁體中文 / 日本語
< partially supported >Deutsch / ไทย / Español / Français
Italiano / Português / Русский / Türkçe / हिंदी

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Pocket League Story
Pocket League Story

Make your invincible soccer team with the best
training, sponsors, coaches, and players!

Anime Studio Story
Anime Studio Story

Animate the hit show of the century
as the animaestro extraordinaire!

The Manga Works
The Manga Works

Grow from a 4-panel artist into a beloved
series author, and release your own manga.

Pocket Clothier
Pocket Clothier

Turn your friendly corner clothing shop
into a world-famous fashion hub!

Pool Slide Story
Pocket Academy

Water park simulation game!
Create the best water-themed amusement park!

Cafeteria Nipponica
Pocket Academy

Manage your very own restaurant!
It's smiles all around the table!

Mega Mall Story
Pocket Academy

Design a towering mall of mega proportions.
The ultimate mall, at the touch of your finger.

Pocket Academy
Pocket Academy

Make your dream school
in this management simulation game!

The Sushi Spinnery
The Sushi Spinnery

Bring the freshest fusion of fishy
fare to your very own sushi bar!

Venture Towns
Venture Towns

Build and run your very
own urban dreamland!

Ninja Village
Ninja Village

Develop your ninja clan into
an army fit for a shogun!

Game Dev Story
Game Dev Story

A game company simulation.
Manage your own game company, develop your
own console, and hire your own staff. You're in
charge--you decide! Aim for that million-selling hit
in this unique simulation!

Dungeon Village
Dungeon Village

Build a flourishing RPG town that warriors
and merchants alike will flock to!

Dream House Days DX
Dream House Days DX

Design a dream home where
dreams come true!

Station Manager
Station Manager

Embark on a wild ride to build
Ithe country's number one train station!

Hot Springs Story
Hot Springs Story

Build and manage the ultimate Japanese hot
springs inn in this one-of-a-kind simulation from Kairosoft.

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Control Mapping 

You can play with a keyboard or mouse,
but we recommend a game controller.

Controller Keyboard
Full Screen Alt + Enter
D-pad W/S/A/D
L Left Shift,Q
R Right Shift,E
Zoom Out -
Zoom In +
CursorMode On/Off P

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